Török Vinery Hungary - Winery of fine wines - in the village of Mád


I don’t think it’s surprising that grapes can be found among the first memories of my childhood. Of course, it is also true that at that time it was not soaked by a feeling of passion and love, but rather by fear accompanied by a little dread. I could have been about 4-5 years old, and since my Grandparents had tidy little estates on both sides, I spent my summers at the border until late fall. Of course, I would have felt better among my playmates than in the company of unknown wildlife and snakes of frogs. Many times, I felt that adults considered grape care more important than meeting my growing demand for games. Of course, I see this differently today, and I also realized that the parallel implementation of child and viticulture is not a simple stunt. I also unraveled the secret as to why their lips, warmed up by the summer heat and work, could only be relieved with the cool spring water found in the vineyard next door, which of course was my duty to transport, while the wicker-clad in the company of. On one of those long summers, I vowed that when I grew up, I wanted a lot, but certainly not one, to grow grapes. Thank God it didn't happen that way! Since then, many years have passed, I accept less, I try to realize my ideas and put the key to success in the hands of care. I learned the basics of winemaking in the "István Soós" in Budapest. I started my professional work at Hungarovin. The years spent on raising the quality of champagne and then winemaking have provided a beautiful and valuable experience. Unfortunately, every harvest still raises newer and newer questions. Deciphering this, answering it is a fantastic thing! As the turn of the millennium approached, driven by the will to do so, I now moved back to my hometown of Mád with my family. The estate follows and lasts the years of existence, of building self-consciousness. We try to make wines that show our relationship with the world by combining the character of the variety and the specifics of the place of production. We strive for harmony with the above, and if we find it, our wines will reflect that.

PS: I also take my kids out to the vineyards, though they are no longer small. The two bigger ones work next to me, the smaller one brings us the spring water…

Mr Béla Török

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