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Wein Tasting variables

In any age of history, the establishment and maintenance of a vineyard estate required serious devotion and determination. This is not the same today. There are difficulties, challenges and obstacles, but the feeling of life that helps us through all of these and the result of our work, which is on the hillside of Mádi, we are happy to share with the people who come to us.

Wine Tasting, Vinery Presentation only after appointment

E-mail: info@torokpincemad.hu

Wine Tasting - Programs

I.First run Wine line

The program includes 6-7 types of wine. With the taste of the wines, we present the grape varieties we work with and they are the main grape varieties of Tokaj-Hegyalja. The tasting takes place in one of the cozy "branches" of our cellar, which is completed by a professional guide.

Duration of the program: 1-1,5 Hours
Price: 20 EUR/Person

Application condition: minimum 2 Persons maximum 30 Persons

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II.Culinary wine tasting

The tasting line contains 7-8 types of wine, to which we have paired various wine skates and taste snacks, watching for the harmony of aroma and taste. The program begins with a professional briefing, and to make the cellar experience complete we can get to know 2-3 types of wine in the company of barrels. After that, we can test our senses in the ring of wines and the recommended taste snacks in the air-conditioned (closed-heated) room in the cellar.

Duration of the program: 1,5-2 Hours
Price: 30 EUR/Person

Application condition: min. 4 Persons max. 30 Persons

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III.WineWanderer Wine Tasting

We recommend it primarily to wine tourists who have undertaken to get to know several wineries with a dynamic impetus at a given time, but are also demanding of content. In addition to the current row of peppers (min.6-7 types of wine), they can continue the exploration of Mád -Tokaj-hegyalja with a "simple" but abundant, tasty menu..

Duration of the program: 2-2,5 Hours
Price: 50 EUR/Person

Application condition: min.4 Persons max. 24 Persons

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IV. Wine Dinner - Estate Presentation

If we can only do our programs, we will start our shows (of course, weather, visitors' pleasures and other functions) on the vineyard, at an extra cost. It is interesting and exciting to follow the development of the "cradle" and then transform and try to get answers for many reasons. Following the visit of the country yard, we’ll present the cellar with some wine types, of course in a strict professional envelope. The wine dinner consists of 5 courses, the base material is seasonal, preferably local raw material. With its pickled pepper, we trust it, to ensure a pleasant gastronomic experience. All in our “air-conditioned” place in the cellar.

Duration of the program: 3,5-4 Hours
Price: 50 EUR/Person

Application condition: min. 4 Persons max. 20 Persons

The basic fee 200 EUR is to be paid. In this case, the actual number of staff and the minimum number of applicants for registration (4)

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