Török Vinery Hungary - Winery of fine wines - in the village of Mád


The wine dinner consists of 5 dishes, the home-style character dominates in the preparation of the dishes, we try to present as many local old and new dishes as possible. We try to solve any special needs (flour sensitivity, vegetarian) if agreed in advance.

Example menu:

Introductory wine line:

1. Hárslevelû dry 2013
2. Furmint dry 2013 (tank maturation)
3. Furmint dry 2013 (barrel maturation)
4. Kövérszõlõ sweet 2013
Garlic cream soup Furmint dry 2012
Grilled catfish fillet with bacon and kale in a bun Hárslevelû dry 2012
Homemade duck liver mousse with muffins and sauce Tokaji Fordítás sweet 2011
Roast duck leg with princess potatoes and quince sauce Hárslevelû dry 2011
Homemade beet cake Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2007

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