Török Vinery Hungary - Winery of fine wines - in the village of Mád

I.First run Wine line

The program focuses thematically on the grape varieties found in Tokaj-Hegyalja. The following row of peppers may vary by vintage, wine condition, etc. depending on.

1. Tokaji Furmint dry 2013
2. Tokaji Hárslevelû dry 2013
3. Tokaji Muskotály dry 2013
4. Kövérszõlõ sweet 2013
5. Tokaji Muskotály sweet 2013
6. Zéta sweet 2013
7. Tokaji Aszúesszencia sweet 2008

By prior arrangement, it is possible to get to know more about any type of wine (Furmint, Hárs, etc.), wine type (sweet-dry), vineyard vertically.