Török Vinery Hungary - Winery of fine wines - in the village of Mád


Holdvölgy "Moon Valley /Mád

It is located in the western part of village Mád. Here we have an area of 6 hectare, which is located in the South and on the plateau it falls to the west. The soil is well defined and intermittently varied. It extends from the medium-bound loosely structured forest soil to the soil blessed with hard rhyolite tuff mixed with bound yellow clay and a mixture of hydroquartz. Its height is 240 meters and its slope angle is 1-5%


In the northeastern part of Mád. Our 2 hectare area is located right next to the forest at the highest point of the Bomboly (311 meters). As in so many vineyards in Tokaj-Hegyalja, we encounter a changing soil type here. Soil is a special mixture of forest earth and stone crumbs with andesite-perlite rock. Its location is to the west and south.

Kázéphegy "Middle mountain" /Rátka

It is located west of Mád as a continuation of the Moon Valley. Its location is southwest, its soil is gray forest soil with tuffy, quartzite rock. Here, our 1.5 hectare area is 210 meters above sea level.



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